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9 Ways to be Ready in Case of a Hurricane in Southwest Florida

by Duncan Seawall

Hurricane season in Southwest Florida can be pretty scary.  It doesn't matter if you've lived here your whole life or if you've recently relocated from somewhere else, Mother Nature's wrath can cause a lot of damage, particularly if you're not prepared.


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Here are some ways to prepare for hurricane season: 

The Basics:

1.  Create an Evacuation Plan
Having a plan in place will help you avoid unnecessary chaos when it's time to act on your exit strategy.  Make sure your whole family knows what to do if you're ordered to evacuate in case you're not all together when an emergency strikes.  Know the local hurricane evacuation routes, and be sure you know where you'll stay if you need to leave quickly.

2.  Compile a Disaster Supply Kit
In a container that you can easily grab when it's time to go, make sure you have a flashlight or two, batteries, money (cash or an emergencies-only credit card), copies of your vital documents (social security cards, birth certificates, property paperwork, etc.), and first aid supplies.

3.  Have a Stay-Home Plan
Even if you're not in an area where you're advised to evacuate, you may experience hardships if you stay at home.  Have plans in place to account for loss of power, and have backup food and water on-hand.

4.  Subscribe to Local Alerts
Subscribe to any text or email emergency notification alerts that are available to your area.

5.  Trim Trees
Trim your trees and remove damaged trees and limbs to help reduce direct risk of damage to your home.


Before the Storm:

6.  Get Gas  
Don't wait until the last minute.  As soon as a hurricane is even possibly on the horizon, fill your car's gas tank, and have an extra container filled just in case.

7.  Cover the Windows
Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection, but boards are better than no protection at all.

8.  Secure Loose Items

Patio furniture, garbage cans, and other unsecured items should be brought inside or tightly anchored to a secure foundation.

9.  Tune In
Tune in to news channels to ensure you're continually updated. If you live on waterfront property in Florida, it's imperative that you protect your home to the best extent possible. This begins by choosing an experienced marine contractor who can build, repair, or reinforce your seawall that helps to keep water at bay.  Contact our Duncan Seawall team to learn more!

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